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The law office of Craig & Lofton is a small (Memphis attorney) office which strives to provide excellent representation to a diverse group of individuals. We focus primarily on intensive litigation of constitutional, federal and individual claims; however we practice in a wide range of areas.    


The firm prides itself on maintaining close communication with its clients and by keeping them informed and up-to-date with the status of their case.  We (Memphis attorney) make ourselves available, and we are ready to meet with new and long term clients on a regular basis as needed to provide assurance and guidance. Your case is about more than just getting paid; it is about doing a good work.  We care about and accomplish both.


For the person, not just the paycheck.  


We offer free initial consultations for all of our many practice areas.  In many instances the firm does not charge the client unless and until it recovers for that client. Notably, the firm practices in employment law, personal injury, casino related cases, bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, loan modification assistance, estate litigation, identity theft claims, wrongful prosecution claims, and Fair Debt Collection claims. The firm represents persons in need of assistance and citizens whose Constitutional protections have been offended.  The firm also prepares wills and protective trusts.


Operating as a Professional Association, we are located at the edge of midtown at 2400 Poplar Ave., Ste. 210, Memphis, TN 38112.  

"This communication does not create an attorney-client relationship, please call and leave a message if your matter is urgent, thank you."

The Law Office of Craig & Lofton